David Taylor

From Nhs It Info

(North West Leicestershire, Labour/Co-operative)

Parliamentary Question (24 Jan 2005)


"To ask the Secretary of State for Health what progress has been made towards achieving an online system of (a) booking GP appointments, (b) health records and (c) prescription processing for NHS patients."

Business of the House (4 May 2006)


"A day or two ago, our Government entered their 10th year in government. The transformation of resources available to the public sector and the quality of services delivered has been very considerable. However, one area where we have, sadly, maintained the record of the previous Government is in the acquisition, design, build, implementation and running of major computer systems such as connecting for health, which had an original cost estimate of £2.3 billion. However, different estimates that have recently been made in The Sunday Times and elsewhere—twenty-three academics wrote to the Select Committee on Health—suggest a cost of £15 billion or more. As that overshoot of £12.5 billion would fund the deficits in NHS trusts for the next two decades, is it not about time that we had a debate on better ways of acquiring major new computer systems, in the way that is suggested by early-day motion 2056, of which I am a co-sponsor?

Parliamentary Question (13 Sep 2006)


"To ask the Secretary of State for Health what the cost has been of the Connecting for Health IT programme."

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